Facebook has become a necessary part of every business, whether it is local or international. In this blog post, we will go over 5 inexpensive ways you can promote your local business with Facebook. From strategy to tactics, we cover it all.


First, Create And Optimize A Facebook Page


A Facebook page is the front desk of your business online. Setting up a page for your business is not difficult and doesn’t take very long to create.

Once the page created, the first three actions to take is to set: the profile image, the cover image and the call to action. The profile and cover images will give your business some legitimacy while the call to action will allow you to convert Facebook users into clients.

Then, you want to start inviting people who might be interested in your local business’ services to like your page. That’s the simple Facebook setup, now time to go to the next step.


Start Posting On Facebook And Promoting Your Local Business


Now that you’ve got your Facebook Page set-up, what you might want to do is promote your local business with Facebook posts.

The posts that are being most shared and given exposure to Facebook currently are those that include one of these three: a photo, a video or a live stream.

Share valuable, fun and interesting things about your local business, and get people start getting people involved. You can use that involvement with some call to actions to convert potential clients into clients.


Create And Post In Facebook Groups


Facebook groups can be immensely valuable for local businesses. There are tons of Facebook users interested in particular subjects surrounding your niche and engaging in conversations daily.

By engaging yourself or your business in conversations, or by creating the context of those conversations (by creating a group yourself) you can offer your service as a solution to these engaged users.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, there are people passionate about everything and anything, you just got to find them.

This is a completely free way to promote your business using Facebook.


Invest Into Facebook Ads To Promote Your Local Business


I’m sure you’ve seen these “Sponsored” posts on your feed…. Facebook ads are still a relatively cheap method of promoting your business.

If you’ve got a post that is gaining traction, or an offer to promote, investing in Facebook Ads might be a good idea for you.

With this, you will extend your reach to those that usually would not see your post and attract new clients to your local services.

Consider having the right call the action for the post you’re going to promote: “Learn More”, “Call Now”, “Book Now” are all great options, but you want to select the one that’s aligned with your Facebook promotion strategy.
Also, one of the advantages of Facebook advertising is that you can turn it off or on, whenever you want, set limits on your spending and effectively track your return-on-investment (ROI).


Link Your Other Social Media Platforms


Facebook is not giving businesses as much free reach anymore, especially if you’re using only for regular posting. A single algorithm change and your page could disappear from Facebook Feeds.

Incentivize people to follow, like, or subscribe to other platforms where you can promote to them your local business. Ideally, a business list because you own it and you really control the content and the information delivered to your potential clients.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to handle all of this work for you and get you results contact us.