The near future of social media is definitely live streaming, and Facebook has finally caught up to rival apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. In 2016, Facebook introduced its long-awaited live streaming technology, Facebook Live, which allows app users to live stream video directly from their mobile devices.

You may have noticed that many news outlets and public personalities are using Facebook Live for a variety of purposes: interviews, news reports, Q&A sessions, events, and even pizza making. However, Facebook Live is not only for media companies and celebrities. Business owners now have the capability of forming their own media outlets, and real estate professionals are not an exception.

Facebook Live — which continues to grow in popularity — is definitely a platform that all realtors should start using, and soon. The technology allows realtors to directly connect with potential buyers and sellers in a whole new way, and it creates an intimate, authentic connection with the target audience.

What’s amazing about Facebook Live, compared with similar apps, is that you already have a built-in audience. When you go live, the video goes straight into the news feeds of your existing friends and gets an awesome, organic reach.

I’ve noticed that many realtors are not taking full advantage of social media and digital marketing. In fact, some are still relying on the same traditional, outdated marketing methods that were used in the 90s and 2000s. According to leading social media experts, live streaming platforms aren’t too far away from becoming mainstream for the 30 — to a 45-year-old demographic group. So, there is definitely a “first-mover” advantage.

Here are a few ideas for using Facebook Live to promote your real estate business like nobody else:

Host a Virtual Open House:

The ability to create a live, virtual open house is unprecedented: realtors who use this free marketing tool will be seen as hip and tech-savvy by their younger clientele. Facebook is a platform where you already have a large audience, so all you need to do is press a button and your virtual open house will be live.

Interested buyers will be able to see the house or condo remotely and ask live questions to the realtor. Live streaming an open house on Facebook Live is like MTV’s “Cribs” on steroids.

Host a Q&A Session

Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to answer any real estate-related questions from your existing audience, and it also generates new leads — all without you ever having to leave your office.

Another amazing feature is Facebook’s incorporation of live streaming into groups and events, which makes hosting Q&A sessions very easy. You can even stream the event live and promote it using Facebook Ads to reach a broader audience.

Neighborhood/ City Virtual Tour

Do a virtual tour that showcases the main attractions of a certain city, town, or neighborhood to emphasize the selling points. This will build trust with your audience since you’re giving them other content besides home listings or “how great of an agent” you are. Tour local schools, parks, restaurants, and also educate your audience on the school system and why it’s a great community for children.

Live Interview

Interview people who are merchants, educators, or important figures in the community. For example, interview John from John’s Pizza, and ask for his opinion about how the area has changed over the past few years. Interview the school’s superintendent so that he or she can explain the advantages of sending your children to the Belleville school system. The key, here, is to provide value to people before you go in for the close.

Facebook is currently the hottest marketing platform, with amazing reach possibilities that allow brands to target prospects by age, location, recent life events, and interests. By using Facebook Live you will become your own real estate media outlet, which will give you stellar credibility. It will also, in the eyes of your audience, make you an expert. I highly recommend that you start using this amazing tool before it becomes mainstream.

By Mario Bulini

Co-Founder of HyperAd, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer